Well & Fit at UVAC

Well & Fit at UVAC

Join us for this program if you:

  • Have physical impairments
  • Experience chronic pain
  • Are sedentary
  • Are new to exercise
  • Experience high stress
  • Have chronic conditions like:
    diabetes, high blood pressure, high
    cholesterol, osteoporosis or arthritis
  • Experience posture or balance issues

As Easy As 1,2,3

  1. Ask your primary care provider to send a referral to UVAC at
    Fax# 802-291-9857
  2. As soon as we receive your referral, join the Well & Fit program
    at UVAC Welcome Desk and start working out
  3. Schedule a training session with your personal trainer

What to Expect During Your Personal Training

  • Health history questionnaire
  • Discussion about what you hope to get out of your membership
  • Simple flexibility and movement assessment
  • Personalized strength and cardio exercises


Exercise as Medicine

Exercise is GREAT Medicine because…

  • It is good for your brain
  • Improves your mood
  • Helps you age more slowly
  • Makes your skin look better
  • Helps you recover from major illnesses
  • Shrinks fat cells
    Get your referral TODAY!

Includes 3 Months of Membership for $189

  • Introductory orientation
  • Personal training session
  • Wellness Screening
  • Fully equipped fitness center
  • FREE group exercise classes for
    land and water
  • 86º warm water exercise pool
  • Childcare available (additional fee)

A GREAT Deal! Here’s the Breakdown

  • Personal Training Session $62.00
  • Wellness Screening Package $69.99
  • 3 Months of Membership $261.00
    $392.99 value for $189.00

What is a Wellness Screening?

This private one-on-one meeting includes: Tanita Scale reading to accurately measure weight, BMI, bone mineral density, visceral fat,
hip-to-waist ratio, metabolic age, fat percentage and muscle mass;
Blood pressure and pulse reading; Balance and fall screening. Find out more about our Wellness Programs here.


CLICK HERE for full class schedule


802-296-2850 ex 113

Send referral to Fax #802-291-9857