Why I Exercise at UVAC During COVID-19

Back in the Spring, if you had asked me if I would I be comfortable with going back to the gym during this COVID-19 pandemic, I would have adamantly said absolutely not. Who in their right mind would risk getting sick or infecting others for the sake of getting a workout? Work, the grocery store, school—these are essential places to spend time in, certainly not a gym.

What I have found since I’ve returned to UVAC, is that all the fears and concerns that my mind had convinced me of disappeared when I looked at the effort and attention the staff and all the trainers have put into make UVAC both functional and safe. They have been incredibly responsible and thoughtful. The UVAC staff go out of their way to create an environment in which you are able to safely workout, swim, attend classes, as I’m sure, swim practice and lessons.

I believe 100% we need to remain vigilant and do our part to stop and slow down the spread of COVID19. What I also believe 100% is that attending to our physical health through movement and exercise is crucial and essential to our emotional and psychological health. Again, I am enormously grateful to UVAC for providing me a space to take care of myself—body, heart, and mind–and I encourage any of you, who are struggling to take care of yourself to consider returning to UVAC and restarting your membership. I believe you will not regret it.

What results have you gotten from exercising at UVAC?
I credit my stamina, strength, and being cardio fit to all the classes I attend at UVAC

What have you enjoyed most about your personal training/small group experience?
I have loved the community and friendships that have come out of the group exercise classes at UVAC. They are a large part of what has helped me stick with a daily exercise routine. Being with people who are committed to health, fitness, and working out is both motivating and inspiring.

What are three benefits that you’ve experienced as a result of your time working with a UVAC Trainer?
Variety in exercise which I would never have gotten on my own
Accountability and encouragement
Motivation to stick with maintaining and improving my health

What kinds of compliments have you received since you started your fitness

That I am cardio fit
That I appear younger than my biological age

What was the biggest obstacle you faced in your journey to become healthy?
Prior to becoming a member at UVAC, my biggest obstacle I faced in becoming healthy was not committing to a strength training program. I would always make room for a cardio workout because it was something that I knew and was easy to implement (e.g., just put on my running shoes and head out the door), but as I have been getting older, I recognize that strength training is no longer just an option—it is essential to maintaining my overall health.

Who or what helped you overcome it?
The dedication of an excellent trainer (shout out to Erin Buck—trainer extraordinaire) as well as the other UVAC members who attend the group exercise classes I do regularly.

What are you most proud of?
I’m incredibly grateful and proud of the fact that I prioritize exercise. I have experienced the value of it in my life and know that without it, I would not only be less physically healthy, but also mentally and emotionally healthy.

By Caroline S. Lee, UVAC Member and dedicated UVAC Class Attender

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