Turn up the Burn with Myzone’s June Challenge

From June 19-July 19, any time you complete a Myzone workout that burns 400 calories or more, we’ll enter you in a prize drawing. As part of our Myzone Turn up the Burn Challenge, we’re partnering with local businesses to reward you with free meals, fitness apparel, and other treats. Any exercise counts towards the June Myzone challenge!

Much better than a heart-rate monitor, the Myzone fitness strap activity tracker keeps records of ALL your workouts with an easy to use app on your smart phone. It monitors your heart rate percentages, calories burned, and MyZone Effort Points (MEPs).  MEPs are used to make your effort normalized based on age and gender. If you choose, the device also connects you to other Myzone users for some friendly competition. When you’re part of Myzone’s fitness community, you’re even more likely to challenge yourself and keep working out.

“I love my MyZone strap! I love seeing how hard I’m really working. It has made me stronger being able to look up and see the monitor and tell myself that I can work harder and then I do. I love seeing other peoples’ also. After class you can talk to someone and tell them they also did great, and to keep it up. –Carey

MyZone doesn’t just give immediate feedback on what’s happening to our heart during our workout—it provides a detailed history of our workouts that is accessible to us, our trainers, and our social connections. There’s something quite brilliant about having our workouts on display for us, as well as shared with other exercisers and trainers using MyZone.

Don’t have a Myzone physical activity belt yet? Purchase one at the Welcome Desk and receive an automatic first entry to the challenge.

Starting June 19, you’ll not only know you’ve received a great workout with Myzone—you might receive an additional prize, too. It’s a win-win situation.

Here are some specifics about the June MyZone Challenge

Steps Needed to Participate:

  • Open your MYZONE App
  • Click the red “MyZone” icon at the bottom right hand corner of screen
  • Click the red “Connections” tab
  • In the “Find new Connections” tab, type in “Anna Zdziarski”
  • Once you find “Anna Zdziarski” click the blue “Connect” button under name
  • Once you request connection with Anna Zdziarski you will thereafter receive an invite in your inbox
  • Accept this invite and you are immediately entered into the challenge!
  • Start earning those MEPSPlease note: you are able to join this challenge anytime before July 19th. The later you join, the less chance you are to earn more MEPs than your peers. Join in ASAP and start burning. 

Minimum parameters to earn an entry for the prize raffle:

  • A workout burning 400 or more calories.
  • Limited to one entry per day.
  • Staff are not eligible to win prizes but are still encouraged to compete.


EXCITING PRIZES To Be Determined. An update will be sent out to inform participants of the prizes


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