5 Tips for Creating an Effective Home Gym

Here are some ideas from Fitness Director, Erin Buck for how to create a home gym that will work for you!

We all are working to figure out how we can accomplish our goals and often it is a hybrid of many things given our inability to go to a gym currently. I have a rule about putting things that I am working on accomplishing always right in front of me. For example: When it comes to food storage, all of our veggies are stored on the top shelf, not in the veggie drawers. When we open the fridge we see clementines, apples, carrots, and peppers that are cut up so that is what we grab first!  The same applies to workout equipment. It doesn’t hide under our bed or stay in the corner, it is usable and accessible. I hope these tips help you create time and space for yourself.

  1. Designate a space: At my house, we have a carpeted space that I can use to workout in. I have a TRX anchor mounted so I can use this piece of equipment easily. A basket in the corner has bands and a small selection of weights. Keeping things organized and easy to get to saves me time and keeps me from getting frustrated.
  2. Memorize a few workouts:  Something that I do have going for me is that I have many workouts memorized and I am able to use what I know to create a lot of variety. I hope you all have been able to access the YouTube Channel as it a great resource with a lot of helpful content over the past few weeks. Find a few workouts you like and make them your “go to” workouts.
  3. DVD’s: A third recommendation is to purchase a few DVD’s and have a library of things you enjoy doing and keep them on hand. The kids and I have lots of Yoga videos because this isn’t my strength as a coach or personal trainer. I know how valuable these mindfulness/ restorative workouts can be so I look for support to help me so I don’t forgo it.
  4. Live Workouts -Streaming live workouts is essential!  I am so excited that starting this week I will be able to participate in UVAC’s Virtual Class Membership. This is a part of my home regimen that has been missing. I miss the people, interacting and being coached.
  5. No Excuses: Make a schedule/routine and follow it! We are all managing a lot of stress right now. Do something you enjoy and make it your own. I have often worked with a personal trainer myself in the past. Tele-Training in times like this can be a game-changer if you are struggling.
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