The Buddy System: It Works!

By Katherine MacPherson BS, ACSM HFS & Personal Trainer at UVAC


Having a buddy to workout with will seriously improve your output in the gym.  For many of us, we jump into the same comfortable routine; maybe a little cardio, few lower and upper body exercises and call it a day.   But what if you were challenged harder, held accountable to a set schedule, and even tried new exercises?  There would be a huge chance that you would exceed your fitness goals a lot faster!
Steps and tips to your successful buddy system:
·         Finding the right buddy: It can be a challenge to find a friend or co-worker who is willing to commit to a long-term fitness schedule, but it will definitely go a long way when you do.   Your buddy should also have virtually the same goals as you, that way you can put your focus on the same regimen.
·         The “Chatty-Cathys”: Make sure your buddy isn’t signed-on for social hour! 
·         Agree to a 6-8 week program, and write down in your planner/schedule the times and days you plan to meet.  Having the sessions written in your weekly planner will allow you fit in the workouts and plan ahead for them.
·         Motivation and encouragement:  Some days exercise will be the last thing you may want to be doing, but keep up the excitement!  Don’t let either partner miss a day!
·         The most effective and safest program for you:  Have no idea where to start when it comes to exercising?  Find accountable resources, such as a Personal Trainer (they make great buddies too!).     Hiring a Personal Trainer will get you and your buddy on the right path and set a routine.   The Upper Valley Aquatic Center offers group personal training at an affordable price! Check it out for yourself at www.uvac-swim/
·         Be there for your buddy!  The best part about the buddy system is that you always have someone there pushing you to dig deep and keep increasing your output! 
·         Get Started!
For more information about the Upper Valley Aquatic Center and Personal Training, please feel free to call 802-296-2850 or visit us online at!
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