The Benefits of Water Exercise: A Testimonial

Last year I had surgical repair of a “full-tear” rotator cuff injury. But I kept running, three to four miles per day.

Then last December my left knee gave out. Doctor diagnosed “arthritis” and physical therapist diagnosed “Baker’s cyst”. Running was over.

But what would I do for aerobic exercise??
My good spouse suggested trying UVAC for some of the low-impact water exercise activities. So even though I have always failed at swimming, I signed up for the 60-days-for-60-dollars trial and began water zumba – where you can stand on the bottom. Soon afterward I added water volleyball – you can wear a ski-belt for boyancy. And when my 60 days were up I took out a regular membership.

The water zumba was pain-free and a terrific work-out using rhythmic dance moves, led by an experienced instructor on the deck. You don’t have to even do it “right” because you are up to your shoulders in water – can’t be seen! “The main thing is to have fun!” our instructor says almost every session.

The water volleyball is nothing but fun with a terrific group of good-natured players who support each other while furiously whacking six beach balls simultaneously back and forth for a wild series of two-minute workout games. Aerobic exercise indeed!

Thanks to these low-impact aerobics in the water several times a week I feel healthy again with full range of motion. Another recent pay-off came during a visit to our lawyer-daughter in Philadelphia. When she invited old Dad to go indoor rock-climbing with her, I gulped and took a chance. Thanks to UVAC, I got up every beginning route – pain-free.

Thanks, UVAC!!
Robert Spottswood, M.A.
Norwich, Vermont

Upper Valley Aquatic Center Member

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