The Art of Surviving a Vermont Winter

We finally seem to be sinking into the winter weather that some of us had been waiting for and some of us had been dreading.  Winter in Vermont isn’t the easiest season, with driveways flooded with snow, below zero temperatures, short days… but it’s also one of the best seasons we have to offer.   Just ask the tourists who come here for skiing and snowboarding!
We live in a dark section of the country during these winter months.  Maybe it doesn’t happen to you, but many people get that doldrums feeling during the gloomy months with symptoms including irritability, apathy and fatigue among others.  The most common belief is that this is caused by the short days and colder weather.  But don’t worry, there is a solution on the horizon!  I have a feeling you already know what it is…
Get Outside!
 If you’re anything like me, you may love having the snow around, but going outside and doing anything in the cold? It’s going to take some convincing, plus a promise of hot chocolate when you let me come back inside.  But there is something to be said for going outside during the winter.
                         Get More Exercise!           
Two of the most effective cures for the winter blues is getting more sunlight and exercise.  Like I said, the lack of sunlight and the cold can be demoralizing but getting outside kills two birds with one stone!  If you read my blog in October, you know that I’m a fan of exercising outside of the gym, especially in the winter. 
The first step is finding your activity.  My personal favorite is downhill skiing because I can pretend that I’m flying but that’s not for everyone.  If you’re a runner, maybe try cross country skiing or snowshoeing.  If you’re a graceful or coordinated person, try ice skating or outdoor hockey.  Make it a family activity by going sledding or building a snowman, appropriate for all ages (and it’s a great way to wear your kids out). 
By reveling in the outdoors, we get our blood moving which helps with the negative symptoms.  Just enjoying the sun by taking a walk or finding a cozy snowbank to hang out on and feeling the rays on your face can help lift up your mood.   So please get outside this winter, bundle up and journey out into the cold to see what adventures you can have!
By Alyssa Bingham
Communications Intern, UVAC
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