TJQMBB – a lot of letters representing a small group balance training program returning to the Upper Valley Aquatic Center.

Tai Ji Quan:  Moving for Better Balance is an evidence based falls prevention program developed by Fuzhong Li, Ph.D.  Using principles from the martial art, Tai Ji Quan, Dr. Li and team created a structured 12-24 week program with the goals of improving one’s balance, mobility, sensory integration, and ease of functional movements.  These goals are achieved as participants learn and practice 8 forms and a variety of mini-therapeutic movements (MTMs).  Forms and MTMs emphasize weight shifting, breathing patterns, and attention to body position while challenging one’s sensory, motor and cognitive functions.  Research supports this program as participants showed an improvement in balance during movement assessments and a decrease in number of falls.

I look forward to leading this program at UVAC.  Reflecting on my TJQMBB training –  I am impressed with the program’s emphasis on body awareness, body positioning and breathing through movement.  With this being my first exposure to a martial art, I appreciate the unique yet practical movements in the 8 forms and how well they challenge sensory, motor and cognitive functions.

For more information about TJQMBB and a list of journal articles supporting this program, visit the TJQMBB website

For information about this program at UVAC, visit

Or contact Jessica Corbin – [email protected] or Erin Buck – [email protected]

By Jessica Corbin, UVAC Personal Trainer and TJQMBB instructor

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