Success with Personal Trainer, Sean Moote

I am extremely lucky and extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Sean Moote as my personal trainer.  I have an extensive athletic background that was cut short due to multiple knee injuries and surgeries.  Sean surprised me with his knowledge and understanding of my physical needs as an athlete and the protective measures required to not only strengthen my body which has undergone trauma, but also to protect the tender or still injured parts during that process. 

Sean is attentive to my goals and physical needs and works collaboratively with me to get desired results.  He is patient and understanding when I have expressed concerns about an exercise or using a certain weight.  But he has also had to reel me in and make me be more attentive to myself. Not rushing through things that require time and precision in order to gain results and avoid injury.  He is a master of the “One More” and my counting skills have improved because his are horrible.

Over the past 20 sessions he has helped me lose weight, improve my diet to one better suited for my metabolism and body type, strengthen areas significantly weakened by past traumas, improve my stamina significantly and shape my body into a stronger, leaner and healthier version. 

It is clear Sean has not only studied health and fitness, but that he lives it.  His enthusiasm is infectious and the results are evident to all who are brave enough to take one of his classes or take him on as a personal trainer.  To quantify things…I have lost 2 dress sizes and 15-20lbs in 3 months.  To qualify things…visually people (myself included) marvel at my physical transformation.  Psychologically, my confidence has increased and my anxiety has decreased due to pride in myself and the hard work it has taken.  Health-wise I no longer feel like I’m dying, I now feel like I’m living!

Thank you,
Meagan D. Royer
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