Shed and Shred Revolutionized

Kim Souza was looking for a training program that included a motivation, weight loss, strength and cardiovascular conditioning, and nutrition in a non-competitive, small group. The Hartford Village, Vermont resident found that program in the Shed and Shred at Upper Valley Aquatic Center.


Souza decided to give the program a try after she witnessed the positive results a friend was having swimming at UVAC. “I saw his excitement and how much energy he had with his new routine,” she said. “But I’m not a swimmer.” A recreational athlete on the North side of 40 couldn’t say enough about the program, “Shed and Shred was the perfect balanced program for me,” said Souza.


The two-day a week program offered in six and eight week sessions provides participants the opportunity to work with up to six other people under the watchful supervision of a knowledgeable and motivating personal trainer. “Not having done a fitness program before, I was intimidated by a lot of the equipment and I did not have the resources to hire a personal trainer,” said Souza, who began the program last winter and returned for another session this fall. “It was a healthy balance of accountability and dedication, pushing the boundaries of what I thought were my limitations.”

Souza doing a circuit of push ups in Shed and Shred this November


“I’m not the most self-disciplined person, so having someone helping me learn about the right regiment and the nutrition element of the equation was super useful for me,” Souza added. “I said yes, I showed up to do it and it’s really motivating!”


There are many incentives for success in the program, including energy-building homework assignments and rewards. Souza said the Shed and Shred program also brought out her competitive side. “If you’re the member who loses the most body fat, you win a free session. I was able to do my second session for no charge,” she said. “It’s something I will continue to do. I like the habit that I’ve established.”


Souza stresses the value and flexibility of the program that includes multiple time slots and a membership to take advantage of UVAC’s facilities, including the pools, FREE classes, affordable childcare and the newly expanded fitness center.   “I really appreciate that they recognize it as a serious program that you need to give your commitment and dedication to, but also realize that people have lives with children and jobs. “They’re very accommodating.”


Souza, who raves about UVAC personal trainer, Erin Buck, also enjoys meeting active people on a weekly basis, who value the importance of taking care of their bodies. “We had some new moms (who take advantage of the Center’s childcare program) and even a firefighter looking to become more fit,” said Souza, who likes the routine of sticking to a schedule. “It takes up time in my day, but gives me more energy to do more things in my day.”


Souza, who owns Revolution, a hip clothing store selling vintage and consignment apparel and up-cycled accessories in White River, is looking forward to Shed and Shred Revolutionized starting in November. A new 30-minute complimentary nutrition consult offering nutrition essentials and education on healthy eating, are now available via FaceTime, iMessenger, or Skype. There’s also a discounted Shed and Shred Nutrition Consult package.


Souza says staying fit has become an important aspect of her life. “It’s moderation, it’s healthy and it’s balanced and has given me a foundation to establish good habits that I can carry with me even when I’m not doing a session,” Souza said. “I highly recommend it.”


By Stuart Kaufman — UVAC member, Grantham, NH resident, retired Sports Writer at Keene State College, currently Scribe at Dartmouth College

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