Gyrokinesis! Your body will thank you


You may not know what that word means, but when you start taking Gyrokinesis classes your body will thank you.


For more than ten years I’ve had serious back problems, my pain was sufficiently substantial that I sought the advice of four different spine surgeons all of whom suggested that a spinal fusion might help.  These consultations did not increase my confidence that, for me, a spinal fusion would make me feel better and reduce my pain.

Around that time, my wife suggested I try UVAC.  I am not a swimmer, but began to run with a flotation belt in the lap pool. You may have seen me there.  For several years I came to the pool daily sometimes in the morning, sometimes after work. After a while Garrett gave me workouts in the gym. Though I felt better, I still was not as pain free as I wanted to be.

One day last fall as I was leaving the pool, I saw what turned out to be Monica Ha’s Gyrokinesis class taking place in the glass-enclosed room next to the Welcome Desk.  Eight or ten people on small stools were twisting and turning in ways that I was sure I could not do. Physical therapists told me I should not bend my spine in some of the directions these people were turning.

In spite of that advice, I spoke with Monica and decided to try Gyrokinesis. Gyrokinesis, I found out, uses principles found in swimming, dance, yoga, Tai Chi, and gymnastics and the classes emphasize continuous, flowing movements with corresponding breath patterns.

I decided to give it a try. In the beginning I simply did my best to copy whatever movements Monica made.  I found that with Monica’s direction I could make the movements without pain. Over time, I began to develop greater core strength and flexibility. During classes Monica worked with me, and others, explaining and showing me how to arch my back and curl my back.

Soon I noticed that my back was not bothering me whenever I turned over in bed at night. Before starting Gyrokinesis, I could walk for no more than ten minutes before my pain forced me to sit down.  Now, I can take our dog for long walks. I feel stronger, stand straighter, and sleep better.  Friends and family members who haven’t seen me for a while comment that I seem to have grown taller.  I have not felt this good in over ten years.  I’m thrilled.

Monday’s and Tuesday’s at 5:00PM 

I encourage you to try it.   Your body will thank you!

by Carl Yirka
UVAC Member and Gyrokinesis enthusiast

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