From Non-Swimming to Snorkeling With a Manta Ray

“Until February of this year, I didn’t know how to swim, and I was afraid of water deeper than 6 feet. For a work trip, I booked a travel to Hawaii in Feb, and joined UVAC, determined to be able to swim in the ocean in Hawaii. With Miss Suzanne, Meg and other instructors’ help, I was able to achieve this. I swam with a bait ball, in 25-30 feet deep water, and snorkeled at night up close with Manta Rays. I did not use any flotation aid for the bait ball snorkeling trip in the ocean during the day time. 
Here are the YouTube links to a couple of videos I recorded in Hawaii.
Night Snorkeling with Manta Rays:
Here is a photo of me swimming in the Hawaiian ocean. 🙂
I’d like to especially thank Miss Suzanne Cote Curtis
Suzanne Cote Curtis, Adult Swim Instructor

and I also want to thank the entire team at UVAC for their efforts in teaching swimming and their enthusiasm. Thank a lot ! :-)”

Shadab Khan
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