Fitness With Your Fur Baby

Hello Dog Owners,

Have you ever thought about how much exercise your dog should be getting in a day? It may be more than what you think. Some dogs require a lot of exercise due to large amounts of energy and other dogs require minimal amounts of exercise because they can’t last as long as other dogs running around.

There are a lot of factors that can go into how much exercise a dog needs. The thing both types of dogs have in common is that playing with your dog in the house isn’t enough exercise for them. They need to run around and get their energy out. Dogs deserve that freedom to run and walk for at least 30 minutes. We devote time to our own fitness. Dogs should also get time devoted to running around and having fun. Some examples of exercise can be going to a dog park, if you have a big back yard or land, walking around the neighborhood, going for a run with them, or even hiking.

Dogs that are locked up all day in the house usually bark a lot and get annoyed for being inside. Over time, the dog will get used to a habit like that but the dog will be sad for not being able to go out. Their energy and mood will decrease thinking that they don’t deserve to go out and play.

When we adopt a dog, we are choosing them to make our lives better and they are relying on us to help them live their lives to the fullest with unconditional love and care. One of the things that truly breaks my heart is that dogs may not be our whole life, but WE ARE their whole life. When thinking about our health, we should also be aware of our fur babies’ health and well being and doing the best we can for them.


Allan Hernandez, UVAC Personal Trainer and Loving Dog Owner

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