Everyone Loves a Good Comeback Story

The 60/60 PT Transition Program (60 days membership for 60 dollars) at Upper Valley Aquatic Center is here to help everyone who is looking to bridge the gap between physical therapy and fitness and start their comeback.


For Anyone in PT

Maybe you’re like me and your first thought of who utilizes physical therapy is your grandparents and others their age. Physical therapy helps people of all ages who have medical conditions, illnesses or injuries that limit their regular ability to move and function. High school and college athletes, any athlete who has been injured in the game, women who are pregnant and postpartum, those with decreased strength or difficulty moving around due to pain.

Exercise Improves Mental Health

You may be feeling defeated due to your injury, illness, or condition which put you in PT in the first place. Exercise is proven to improve mental health by decreasing depression, anxiety, and bad moods, while improving self esteem and cognitive function (National Center for Biotechnology Information).

See Your Progress

Get excited to see your improvement and the amount of progress you’ll make in these beginning to months. Celebrate the small victories too. Getting started can be your first goal and boom, you’ve already accomplished one. Just remember not to get carried away with trying to meet goals too quickly and remember you WILL get there.

Help From Highly Skilled Trainers

Our certified trainers are here to help. They’re fun and exceptionally knowledgeable. Our trainers can assist you in getting adjusted to your new workout routine, make sure you’re comfortable with the machines, and answer any questions you may have. The only reason you won’t be able to complete an exercise correctly is because one of them has you laughing.

Access to Free Classes 

At Upper Valley Aquatic Center we offer 70+ fitness classes – land and water. You can choose how you exercise. Whether you prefer land or water classes or a mix of both, we have many options. With 60/60 you also gain access to the entire UVAC facility: pool, fitness center, sauna, and FREE classes. My only question is: are cannonballs allowed?

Since I started working at UVAC, along with all the time I spend in the fitness center, I’ve gotten to know several of the trainers. They’re always happy to chat, listen to my (crazy) stories, and of course, give me fitness advice. I constantly ask trainers for new exercises, form correction, and they’re always happy to give it to me. Jesse, just this week, helped me with my form for incline dumbbell bench press. He explained how tweaking my form just a bit would decrease the stress in my shoulders and give me more power per repetition. And hey, before that he complimented me on how extremely, crazy strong I am (well basically). Our personal trainers work to understand your goals and work with you to help you achieve them. Plus… I love all the fist bumps.

Get started today and make your own story. Your comeback will be a good one! Read more information about the 60/60 PT Transition Program here: http://www.localhost:10008/fitness/60-60-pt-transition/

And contact Erin Buck for more information at [email protected] or by calling 802-296-2850 ex 112

By Julia Nulty
UVAC Member, Marketing Intern and Volunteer of the Month, June, 2022

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