Elizabeth Lyons’s Pilates Reformer Success Story with Jenny Armstrong

Working with Jenny Armstrong on the Pilates reformer has helped me gain strength, proprioception and balance on my right side. I suffered a hemorrhagic stroke 9 years ago that effects the sensation on my right side. Exercising on the reformer has led to remarkable improvement by “awakening” some of the muscles that I was not using effectively. My gait is steadier and my posture is also improving.

Jenny is a master at working with me and others in the class who have physical issues or limitations. She adapts exercises to meet everyone’s needs. The support and camaraderie of the class participants is evident. It makes exercising fun!

I highly recommend the Pilates Essential Reformer class for anyone who wants to build core body strength and improve posture and balance in a safe, supportive environment.

-Elizabeth Lyons


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