Eat to Defeat Cancer™

Starting March 11, UVAC Pals for Life program, UVAC’s free small group exercise program for breast cancer survivors, will offer another opportunity. In the Eat to Defeat Cancer™ Nutrition program, Dr. Laleh Talebian, Ph.D will teach participants how to care for themselves by developing a healthy relationship with food. We encourage any PALS graduate to attend and benefit from this workshop.


During the 12 week, 12 session program, Eat to Defeat Cancer participants will learn basic food biochemistry in a fun and experiential way. Dr. Laleh’s approach is simple: “Eat like Mother Nature intended,” she says. In her program, she’ll provide education about basic food biochemistry, major macronutrients, and why we need them all. She’ll also shed light on why fad diets don’t work and why we shouldn’t eliminate any major food groups.


In addition to the 60-75 minute class sessions, participants in Eat to Defeat Cancerwill learn how to prepare healthy foods, will gain access to all of Dr. Laleh’s online recipes, and will receive extensive resources and literature. Participants are welcome to contact Dr. Laleh at any time with individual questions.


Since Dr. Laleh is a research scientist with a strong background in cancer biology, human genetics and immunology—as well as a certified health and wellness coach—she has a unique approach to comprehensive health. Over several years of biomedical and clinical research, she’s developed a strong affinity for disease prevention, in which she says she was drawn to a culture of “health care, rather than sick care.”


“Rather than treating a condition,” she says, “my plan focuses on natural and holistic prevention methods through the right foods and exercise for each individual.”


Interested in signing up?

March 11-June 3
A safe and effective research-based exercise program designed specifically forbreast cancer survivors. Find out more here. Register at the Welcome Desk.Questions? Contact Erin 802-296-2850 ex 112 [email protected]

Contact Erin: [email protected] or call 802-296-2850 ex 112





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