Cristal Hiatt’s Success Story with Larry Ruffing

I do want you all to know how much Larry has changed my life…

First Shed and Shred (S&S) started July ‘18 we couldn’t figure out why at 53 years old, 197 pounds and five hard workouts a week I wasn’t losing weight. Four weeks in, he asked me what and when I was eating. Turned out I wasn’t eating enough and needed to eat 6 times a day. As you know I ended up winning the next S&S even with an ankle surgery and on crutches; mostly non-weight bearing for four weeks of the program!

I unfortunately tried my free program in January ’19 but had to drop out after two weeks.  My dominant hand carpal tunnel became unbearably painful and the doctor said using it could cause permanent damage. Finally, was able to get the surgery in early March. BUT, the day after the neuro guy tested my right hand, he told me it was severe and no activity until repaired….I woke up with the familiar horrid burning pain…. but in my LEFT hand! So had the left carpal tunnel surgery June 13 (that made three surgeries in nine months).

The second hand surgery didn’t go so well.  The scarring has impacted the ulnar nerve so my left two fingers are still tingling and numb….ugh!

All this is to say that BECAUSE of working with Larry, even with all the surgeries (12 weeks on crutches, total of 12-14 weeks of slow hand recovery, eight weeks of painful wait for surgeries when I couldn’t do any exercise, AND I have rheumatoid arthritis) I’ve CONTINUED losing weight.  So far, I’ve lost a total of THIRTY-SIX pounds!!!! I am down to 161 pounds one year after my first S&S. It’s less than I weighed when I graduated college in 1986!

It’s all because Larry helped me figure out that I’d been suppressing my metabolism for years. It’s incredible that I can now barely eat enough to keep the weight loss slow so I can keep it off AND I get to eat 6 times a day!!

Of course, everyone’s weight loss hurdles and issues are different, but I never understood my own for 40 years until my first Shed and Shred last year with Larry.

Huge thank you to him and UVAC for being there!!!!


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