Broken Bike, Nor Poop at NYC Ironman Could NOT Deter This Champ!


Sunday night, and I just got home after sharing an incredible race NYC Ironman weekend, with David Sobel ..who………really represented the “Go3 attitude” David just schooled us on positive attitude and optimism!
I got a call and text on Thursday morning…”bad news”  he said…and he went on to explain that during his  tapper ride, he realized that part of his bike frame was broken! BROKEN!
The NYC Ironman was two days away!!!!
So, with the incredible 911 help from Drummond’s Cycles…Dick was able to take David’s measurements and build another bike to David’s specs. Drummonds puts Nascar’s very best pit crew to shame. (A broken frame 2 days before an Ironman would put me right over the edge) I picked up the new bike off of Drummond’s porch at 5:30 in the morning on Friday (and if you want to hear a great story about how I got out of my speeding ticket that morning- I can share that later) so, I got the bike and delivered it before noon to David in NYC. We find parking in the city..worse or harder than trying to find your bike in transition with a plastic bag on your head. We get to registration and it is announced that gallons of sewage has leaked into the Hudson (where David is supposed to swim in another day!!) Ok, that would do it right there for me! I would have pulled the plug.
The Ironman race directors informed us that they were testing the waters with the health dept. and would announce their decision dictating whether the swim would be cancelled, or might still  be on. The final decision would not be called until 4:00p.m the day before the race.
David’s reaction- “I will be so bummed if the race were to be cancelled! My swim has gotten so much better after working with Nicola and Signe over this past year..if they canceled the swim it wouldn’t really be an Ironman. I would feel like After I finished the bike and run I’d have to go find a pool and swim for 2.4 miles”
That’s when everything was really confirmed something is tainted with our kool aid…something is wrong with us!
Friday, 4:00,..The swim is announced to be a go!
I am thinking about how much Purell should be added to David’s water bottles, does Clorox make soap? Do they make antibacterial shot blocks? can he take the air mattress I had been sleeping on and use it during the swim?
I will try to rap this up-
If you know David, you know how even keeled he is and even when his boat starts to tip, he manages to stay focused on what it is that he actually  has control of. As Meghan put it, he might just be a “Super Hero”..because he  does a ton while training for an Ironman – Super Dad to 4 kids, wonderful Husband to Meghan, rescues animals and a kind, supportive friend to many of us and on top of that he keeps calm  while training for an Ironman and swimming in sewage! He also blows a HUGE PR (personal record) over an hour and a half off his other IM times!! SO COOL!
Before the race I heard David tell his parents that he would very happy if he could go under 15 hours. Last night, David finished strong through some very mentally and physically challenging conditions, he busted through with a 13:59! ! !! So many people and family were sending David energy last night and his parents were also there to share his day. HUGE thanks to Drummonds, who kept the wheels on the bus (or bike)
Robin Asbury Go3 Coaching and Founder of Upper Valley Tri Tream
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