A tip from a UVAC Personal Trainer


By Katherine MacPherson BS, ACSM HFS & UVAC Personal Trainer
Many clients of mine including myself find it a real challenge each week to whip out delicious and nutritious breakfasts, lunch, and dinners for ourselves and our families.  Here is a tip that will make your life easier by giving you more time during the week, and a happier stomach.


Above is my Sunday Prep Out.  I made all my salads, cut up fruit, separated the trail mix, and even made a chili!


Every Sunday afternoon will find me at my dining room table doing ONE thing.  Planning out my weeks’ worth of food.  Here is how to do it: For starters, all you need is a little bit of free time and lots of Tupperware.




·         Get two sheets of blank paper.  One for your “shopping list” and the other to “list your recipes and mark where they came from” (example: Turkey Meat Balls; Paleo Cook Book, page 27)


·         Choose 3-5 major dinner meals & add all the ingredients to your shopping list


·         Choose your lunch themes:  add ingredients to your shopping list




o    veggie salads with a hard boiled egg


o   Turkey slice roll-up


o   Fruit


o   Trail mix


·         At your convenience go to the food store.  When you return its PREP OUT TIME!




·         Be ready to donate 1-2 hours of cooking/prepping… (I know that’s a long time, but this will make prep time and cook time that much faster during the week.)


·         Pre-make salads (don’t forget to boil your eggs!)


·         Pre wrap trail mix and other snacks into serving sizes (the easier for you to grab on the go)


·         Prep out veggies for lunch and dinners by cutting them and properly storing from (the easier for you to whip out that awesome dinner!)


·         BAM you’re ready for an easy week! I encourage you try this.  
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