8 Reasons YOU Should Become a Lifeguard

8 Reasons YOU Should Become a Lifeguard
by Anthony Alvarenga
1.     Make a Difference  
Every day you go to work, you will actively make an impact.  Even just standing there,  you’re very existence promotes safety.  Your job makes the world a better, safer place.
2.     Help Others
From the Band-Aid you put on a child’s knee, to the door you open for an elderly patron, to the horrified swimmer you pull out of the water;  The kindness, care, and compassion you demonstrate is appreciated!
3.     The Chance to Save a Life
 Do I need to say more?
4.     The Challenge  
You don’t just fill out an application to become a lifeguard.  You have to take the course, you have to take the tests, and you have to pass them.  You have to be a good swimmer, and you have to want it!
5.     Experience a TEAM Like No Other
The toughest competition is the one to save somebody’s life.  Lifeguards work together in specific scenarios in an emergency.  They train in these scenarios together, they learn them together.  NOBODY is ever standing around.  Camaraderie, friendship, respect, loyalty is all part of the lifeguarding TEAM.
6.     Stay in Shape
Yeah lifeguards are in shape!  The job is physical and demanding.  Lifeguards are physically and mentally fit. Ready to act!
7.     Maturity
This is a serious job with serious consequences.  If you’re somebody that has these qualities, this is the job to showcase them!
8.     Something New  
 Get out of that restaurant for the summer, aren’t you sick of it by now?

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