Hannah Cox Rocks

UVAC’s Hannah Cox, An Impressive Student Athlete Click here to read the story from 5_2015

Gone Fishing

Hannah Cox Has Gone Fishing Read the article and see the images from 5_2015

Going Swimmingly

swim team member in pool

Going Swimmingly: Pool Potential Grows for Hartland’s Cox Pool Potential Grows For Hartland’s Cox 8_2015

Teresa Groton

Teresa Groton, Former UVAC Swim Team Member in the News West Point’s Teresa Groton Pinned as Honor Graduate of Air Assault School Read article from 10_2015

Masters Fritz Bedford

Masters Swimmer Fritz Bedford Bedford Wins Two USMS National Records Read the article Bedford Wins Two USMS National Records 2015 Read the article Bedford Accumulates More 3_2015 Read the article Bedford Adds More Records 12_2014

UV Rays Gold Rush

Gold Rush for UV Rays Swimmers Read article Gold Rush for UV Ray Swimmers 8_2014