Matthew Ocker

Personal Training

Matthew Ocker // Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor

Certifications & Education
B.S. Physical Education, Castleton University, Castleton VT
NSCA CSCS Certified, TRX Certified
Experience • 1 year • Level 1 Trainer

More about Matthew

  • Favorite Exercise: Strength Training
  • Specializes in strength training, power lifting, and sport performance
  • Welcomes anyone and everyone, at any fitness level, to help you reach your desired goal
  • Works with a variety of clients ranging from High School athletes to Senior Citizens
  • 4 Year Collegiate Athlete with Track and Field and Football
  • Enjoys a large variety of sports, nature, art, and music
  • Actively participates in events such as Spartan Races and Tough Mudders
  • Currently at 12B Combat Engineer in the Vermont Army National Guard
  • Favorite Quote: “Each day is a new opportunity to improve yourself. Take it, and make the most of it!

“The most rewarding part about being a trainer is giving clients the tools for success and watching them implement them into their lives.”


Matt has been an amazing trainer. He has taken the time to make sure each workout is fun and safe for me. I appreciate him taking the time and doing research to make sure my injury doesn’t continuously get worse or that I am leaving the session in pain. I’ve noticed I can get through a workout quicker with less breaks and I have increased the amount of weight I can lift. Sled pushes have definitely become my favorite!

With current health problems, I seem to have a lot of days were I am in pain and little energy, but my weekly session with Matt helps me feel stronger. I have gained more confidence which makes me eager to move and feel better.” -Megs

Happy Customer!
I have been doing personal training sessions with Matt (Ocker) for the last couple of months and I’m very pleased.

I was a little hesitant to start weight training, the equipment can be intimidating, and I felt a little “out of my league”

Matt has been amazing! He is very helpful in teaching me proper form, non judgmental, and also pushes me to do my best in every session. I have made huge gains in a short amount of time because of him.

I will be buying more sessions with him and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to get into weight lifting.

-Brianna Tuck



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