Justein Wilson

Fitness Instruction

Justein Wilson // Yoga Instructor

Certifications & Education
200 Hour Certification, Bodhi Yoga Center, Provo, Utah
500 Hour Certification, Restorative Partner Yoga, Bodhi Yoga Center, Provo, Utah

More about Justein

Justein Wilson has been doing yoga for over 13 years and loves how it has transformed her life. She started teaching Kundalini yoga in 2009 and loves how enlivening and healing it is. She also loves to teach the flow series that gives her a sense of being in her body, building strength.

Justein’s passion lies in helping others find healing, and a sense of being balanced. Her love for yoga began in 2004 while practicing the “Dahn” method in San Jose, California, then later grew as she discovered the healing benefits of Kundalini. In 2009, with the support of her husband, she completed 200-hour training with Syl Carson at the Bodhi Yoga Center in Provo, Utah.

In 2018 Justein finished an additional 500 hours certification in Restorative Partner Yoga working Marma points and sen lines from the same Bodhi Yoga Center in Prove, Utah with Syl Carson.

Traveling with her husband is a highlight. She stays busy with three high energy children. She enjoys being in nature, hiking, riding horses, cleaning her home and gardening.