Emilie Johnston

Emilie Johnston // Childcare Provider in KidZone

Certifications & Education
CPR/BLS Certified
Certified Medical Assistant
Certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

More about Emilie

Emilie is 34 years old and really enjoys taking care of children.  She has two boys ages 3 and 5 and an 8 year old daughter.  Emilie is very active and enjoys hiking, snowboarding and the outdoors.  She is currently work in the Emergency Room at the VA as a health tech.  She has been working in the medical field since 2008 when she joined the Air Force as an EMT.  Emilie did a tour in Afghanistan and also spent 4 years in the pediatric clinic on base so she has a lot of experience with kids.  After getting out of the military, Emilie went back to school and got a degree in medical assisting.  She is CPR/BLS certified as well as a certified medical assistant and prior EMT.