Alison May

Fitness Instruction

Alison May // Yoga Instructor

Certifications & Education
200 Hour Vinyasa-Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga London, London, United Kingdom

More about Alison

I began practicing Vinyasa Yoga in 2011, when I was at a crossroads in my own journey. What began as a beach side workout routine meant to get me in shape eventually transformed into a way of life – and over the years has transformed my entire thought process.

My classes are based on Vinyasa-Ashtanga, a form of yoga meant to blend the asanas together in an even-paced yet energetic flow using breath work (pranayama) to harness and tune into the “monkey mind”. What is so striking to me about yoga was how it can drastically alter moods (for the better!) and relieve tension or trauma in the body. Not to mention, how it tones the practitioner physically and mentally in an equanimous way.

In my classes, I like to cultivate a safe space where students can treat the asanas (postures) as a Yoga Buffet – taking what they want and leaving the rest. I also teach mindfulness – the cornerstone of yoga – and like to mix in a little humor, as well. I end each class with a resting meditation and hope that each student feels rejuvenated, relaxed and strong when they leave. Namaste!