Adult Lessons

Adult Lessons

Specialized Group Instruction for Adults of All Ages

We offer a specialized group lesson program just for adults and older teens. This is a great option if you would like to gain body awareness and balance in the water, learn basic stroke mechanics, be more comfortable with breathing during swimming and/or want to add swimming to your fitness routine.

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  • September 10-Ocotber 10 • Adult Beginner Swim Lessons M/W @ 6-7pm. 10 Lessons $90 Registration opens Aug 15
  • October 15-November 14 • Adult Beginner Swim Lessons M/W @ 6-7pm. 10 Lessons $90 Registration opens Sept 17


Thursdays @  1:00 – 2:00 pm. Drop-in ($12 members, $18 non-members). Program is discontinued until further notice.

  • Develop comfort in the water
  • Refine good air exchange (breathing)
  • Develop efficient freestyle technique
  • Learn to read a time clock for interval workouts
  • Additional stroke work (breast stroke, back stroke, butterfly)
  • Build confidence

This program is ideal for Individuals who already feel comfortable in the deeper pool and have some basic swimming skills but want to refine strokes; individuals who would like to join the Masters group;  or those thinking of doing a triathlon but do not yet feel confident enough in the water. If you are fearful of getting into a deep pool or cannot swim 50 yards of freestyle, contact us about our Adult Private Swim Lessons.

What one new swimmer had to say…
Just wanted to let you know how much I loved the adult beginners swim classes. It took a mini freak-out moment during a Caribbean snorkeling excursion to realize I should probably learn to swim and be comfortable in deep water. I now feel comfortable and know I can be safe in the water.”

I completed two sessions and am now enrolled in the Masters class with Barbara. Although I don’t plan to enter any meets or swim competitively, I do hope to become a distance swimmer one day.

Thanks to the UVAC for making the class affordable, fun (Suzanne), and comfortable for all level of beginners.