Selena Legacy

Selena Legacy Right

Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, TRIBE Team Training Coach

  • B.S in Exercise Science, Keene State College
  • ACSM certified Personal Trainer

More about Selena

  • Favorite day is Upper Body day. More importantly, Tricep exercises such as a cable tricep pushdown
  • Selena specializes in older populations and strength training
  • A former gymnast of 15 years, she found her passion for exercise through her dedication and hard work of the sport. As a child, she wanted to know more about how the body moves and how to train properly.
  • Selena believes fitness is more about improving quality of life and finding intrinsic motivation through exercise rather than numbers and scales.
  • In her free time outside of the gym, Selena enjoys hiking, riding ATVs, and snowmobiling.
  • Favorite Quote “Grow through what you go through” -Tyrese Gibson
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