As advised by the Vermont Department of Health, UVAC will be employing a building-wide mask requirement even during exercise. Questions? Email Lisa

All members and program participants over the age of 2 need to wear a mask or shield at all times.

  • This includes wearing a mask when:
    • entering UVAC
    • while you are working out
    • in all group exercise class (water, land)
    • in locker rooms
    • in the lobby and hallways
    • on the pool deck
  • When swimming laps or in the water park – masks and shields are to be removed only upon entering the pool water and can remain off during pool usage. Once you exit the water, your mask or shield must be put back on. (Water Aerobics participants must wear a face shield in pool).
  • Our staff will all be wearing masks or shields at all times.
  • Masks and shields are not required to be worn outside the facility or when socially distant outside.
  • Members participating in outdoor group exercise classes, who remain socially distant, do not need to wear a mask or shield.