Member Wellness Screenings

Member Wellness Screenings

Splash gets his blood pressure taken by a Doctor from Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital!

Member* Wellness Screening

A private one-on-one meeting includes: Tanita Scale reading to accurately measure weight, BMI, bone mineral density, visceral fat, metabolic age, fat percentage, hip to waist ratio and muscle mass; Blood pressure and pulse reading; Balance and fall screening.

$39.99 with annual membership
$69.99 with monthly membership

Cholesterol and Glucose Screening

Private screening includes HDL, LDL, non-HDL, LDL/HDL, Glucose, and Triglyceride Levels.
$29.99 for all members

Member Total Wellness Screening Package

Wellness Screening AND Cholesterol/Glucose Screening

$64.99 with annual membership
$94.99 with monthly membership

*Offer available to members only.

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