How Much Protein Do I Consume and How...

October 07, 2013

These are by far two of the most common nutrition questions that I receive both in and out of the gym.  These questions come most frequently from... Keep Reading >


Foggy Goggles

October 03, 2013

  by Heather Szczepiorkowski Are You Struggling with Foggy Goggles?  Foggy Goggles are no fun!!  We Googled about... Keep Reading >


How Did Snapping Turtles Get Their Na...

September 30, 2013

      Turtle Blog 3...   Last week when I was at VINS, the grassy slopes were covered with dozens of newly hatched... Keep Reading >


Coping With An Injury

September 24, 2013

    By John Grainger MS, CSCS One of the things I have learned over the past few years is that almost everyone is going to get... Keep Reading >


What’s so great about DHA?

September 17, 2013

by Heather Szczepiorkowski I have been thinking about an omega-3 fatty acid called DHA.  When I was pregnant with my first child, like most... Keep Reading >


Teenage UVAC Swimmer Creates eyeFree ...

August 21, 2013

Teenage UVAC Swimmer  Creates eyeFree Sports Stopwatch App     The Upper Valley Aquatic Center is home to many amazing swimmers who... Keep Reading >


The Art of Active Listening: The Gori...

August 14, 2013

  There was a study done a while back where a group of people were asked to watch a screen and count the number of times a basketball was... Keep Reading >


Who is Ika Kovacikova, and why does s...

July 24, 2013

Note from the Editor of this blog: Ika Kovacikova, wrote to UVAC a couple days ago about her upcoming swim of the English Channel. Her last... Keep Reading >


Landing in a great spot – an in...

July 04, 2013

With a laptop and power cord in hand, I was directed to the office behind the large window of the competition pool.  What a cool place to work... Keep Reading >

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